Eye-catching Luxury Leather Cat Collar Retro Orange


This Retro Eye-catching Leather Cat Collar is an Unique choice for your Cat if you love Vintage style. It features Luxury Orange and Silver patches and Silver-Brass-coloured round Spikes and Studs. With an elastic concealed safety clasp and a comfortable inner layer for added convenience.


This Retro Style Leather Cat Collar is a unique and original design that offers the perfect blend of vintage and contemporary elements. With its retro look, orange leather patches and silver bysonil details, this collar is a stylish addition to any kitty or cat’s wardrobe.

The design of this cat collar is infused with retro charm. The orange colour accents and leather patches evoke memories of days gone by, while the silver bysonil details add a touch of modernity. The combination of silver- and bronze-coloured round spikes and studs gives the collar a unique and eye-catching look that is sure to attract attention.

The collar is carefully crafted to be both stylish and functional. It features an elastic safety clasp with an adjustable buckle, ensuring that the collar fits comfortably and securely around your cat’s neck. The soft inner layer makes him or her feel comfortable and offers a pleasant wearing experience.

This Retro Style design is suitable for regular-sized cats and kitties. Whether you are looking for a stylish accessory for your beloved cat or kitty or a unique gift for a cat lover friend, this collar offers the perfect combination of design and functionality. Choose eye-catching retro charm and style for your beloved pet!

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