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Luxury Cat Collars Showed by Female Cat Torcuata Modelling

When it comes to luxury cat collars, superpipapo is proud to present female cat Torcuata. Her picture was already sent to us in December 2015 by her owner Marta Ramos Otero. ¡Muchas gracias Marta! Because of the change of our website, unfortunately we never had a change to present her beautiful cat earlier. Click here to go shopping for luxury cat collars straight away or read on!

Superpipapo designs all kinds of styles of collars, for all kinds of cats. Luxury cat collars are a way to describe the style of a cat collar. What exactly luxury means is of course very personal! There are luxury cat collars that are decorated with Strass or even diamond stones. This certainly is not the way Superpipapo would approach luxury cat collars.

Nevertheless, the collar does have an elegant and luxury style. This is mainly because of the nice dark green Polaris stones set in ornaments.

Small leather white fish do break the idea for what would be luxury cat collars. In this sense you could consider this designer cat collar as something in between luxury and fantasy.

We hope you leave Torcuata a nice commentary!

Cat tags

If you are in the online store, do not forget to take a look at our cat tags of olive wood. We engrave the name of your cat and the phone number you want. For security reasons for your cat this is a good idea. It is also a very beautiful and decorative cat tag. And on top it is strong and light.

Matching leather bracelet

Dare to wear a bracelet in the same style as your cat? With all versions you can order a bracelet with the collar. Something else and daring; you unite yourself with your pet!  The bracelets are of the same quality and material as the collars.

Enjoy Superpipapo!


Please read: Cat Collar Safety

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