Stylish Cat Collar with Pastel Colour Flowers


This Handmade Leather Cat Collar is Fun and Stylish with Pastel Coloured Flowers in Pink, Green, Blue and White. It features an ingenious integrated elastic safety system, a comfortable soft inner layer and an easily adjustable buckle. The vintage, cheerful and floral design, adds a playful touch to your cat’s look. A safe, original and fashionable choice for your faithful companion.


Designed to make your beloved cat shine, this handmade leather cat collar is a true expression of vintage charm and floral cheer. The unique design, featuring beautiful pastel-coloured flowers made of leather in pink, green, blue and white, reflects a timeless style that your faithful companion will no doubt appreciate.

The vintage design is not only fun and cheerful, but also infused with a charming aesthetic that perfectly complements your cat’s personality. The vibrant pastel colours add a playful touch to the collar, while the flowers convey a sense of cheerful elegance.

Handcrafted from genuine leather, this cat collar is a work of art in itself. Each one is unique and original, allowing your cat to wear an exclusive style that cannot be found anywhere else. The use of real leather highlights not only the quality but also the durability of the product.

The collar features an elastic safety clasp with an adjustable buckle, making it fit comfortably and securely around your cat’s neck. The soft inner layer ensures a pleasant experience for your furry friend, even when worn for long periods of time. Moreover, it is suitable for regular-sized cats and cats, making it a versatile choice for various breeds.

Whether you are a proud owner of a queen or tomcat, this handmade cat collar with its vintage, cheerful and floral design is bound to put a smile on both your face and that of your beloved pet. Choose from basic brown and black colours and give him or her the chance to show off proudly and with style.

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