In Style with Your Pet!

The Most Original Handmade Designs for Dogs & Cats

Puppy Collars with Original Unique Designs

Puppy Collars with the Most Original and Unique Designs!
Puppy Collars with the Most Original and Unique Designs!

Are you looking for puppy collars? Than just click to find the most original and unique designs! In this category you can find and buy your own designer custom leather collar for your new puppy pet. All puppy collars are unique and made from the highest quality Spanish leather and ornaments.

All collars are handmade of high quality Spanish leather from Alicante. Superpipapo prefers to work with natural materials whose quality ares tested with its own and other dogs and cats. The Mediterranean, where sun and salt are fanatical enemies of each material, is a great testing environment. This way we get a good picture of the quality and applicability of the used accessories.

Many of the designs are offered for dogs of all sizes; but especially for puppies and sometimes other reasons, I always relate the design of the puppy collars to the specific size and proportion of the used materials.

Superpipapo designs and manufactures all models itself. You always will find a broad selection of designs for all puppies for all tastes! If you cannot find anything right now, please visit us again soon!

Please don´t forget to order a matching leather lead and bracelet. Make your new puppy and yourself happy: In Style with Your Pet!

Measure the size of the dog’s neck before you order. How to do this you can find in the menu. The collars in this category are suitable for dogs with a necks size as mentioned below. Also you can see the size of dog collar itself.

Size Details

Size 25cm:
Neck size range: 15,5cm – 20cm (6,1 in – 7,9 in)
Collar size: 25cm (9,8 in) x 12.5mm x 2.5mm

Size 30cm:
Neck size range: 20cm – 24,5cm (7,9 in – 9,6 in)
Collar size: 30cm (11,8 in) x 13mm x 3mm

Size 35cm:
Neck size range: 24,5cm – 29,5cm (9,6 in – 11,6 in)
Collar size 35cm (13,8 in) x 14mm x 3mm

Of course there are bigger sizes available. If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form or by email.

We hope you will find the perfect collar design for your puppy!

Thanks and many regards,


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