Cat Collar with Bow Tie from Orange Leather and Mandala Stones


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This Cat Collar with Bow Tie from Orange Leather and Mandala Stones is different than anything else. The combination of a chic bow and Mandala is controversial. But this makes it quite eccentric and also says something about cats. They are elegant and chic but also very balanced. The design is available in multiple colors so that there is a nice combination for each cat!

26,95 €

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Data sheet

Colour of collarBrown
LockingSecure elastic safety clasp
Fabrication & DesignHandmade of natural Spanish quality leather – Fabrication & design exclusively by Superpipapo
Size collar29cm (11,4 in) x 12mm x 3mm - for a neck of: 19cm – 24cm (7.5 in - 9.4 in)


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