In Style with Your Pet!

Unique Collar or Harness for Your Dog?

La Pequeña y Encantadora Pam muestra su Collar de Perro Vintage Style con Placa de Identificación a juego

Order a unique collar or harness for your dog, exclusive stylish and fashionable designs with character, handmade for big and small dogs by Superpipapo!

The Cutest Secure Designer Cat Collars with Safety Clasp

The cutest safe cat collar collection, with a perfectly fitting comfortable collar design for every molly or cat, exclusively designed and handmade, with integrated safety clasp!

Exclusive Super Original Horse Browband Design

Choose a super original horse browband design, especially handmade to match the style of your horse or pony, horse tack, and of course, your own!

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    1m Leine super zum Training

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    Qualität ist super