Welcome to Superpipapo!

We are glad you found us! Underneath you can read why you should choose our proudly presented products. Also, we will tell you more about ourselves and explain how Superpipapo was born.

About our Products

SUPER ORIGINAL AND UNIQUE DESIGN: All our products are designed by us in our own unique and original style and handmade in our Superpipapo workshop with love and craftsmanship. Your pet will stand out from all the rest by wearing a design that emphasizes its unique character and style.   

SPECIAL COMFORT AND SAFETY LAYER: Each collar or harness features a specially designed soft and comfortable layer of stretch-resistant material that distributes the mechanical traction load evenly, preventing uncomfortable and potentially dangerous pressure points when your dog pulls on the lead. The function of the layer is also an important part of the safety release system of our cat collars. (Please read below).   

CAT COLLARS WITH INGENIOUS SAFETY SYSTEM: Each cat collar is made safe with a proven ingenious integrated anti-strangulation system. The adjustable buckle is attached to an elastic band and opens the collar when needed. At the same time, the mentioned soft, comfortable inner layer distributes the mechanical traction load evenly over the entire collar. This prevents uncomfortable pressure points and keeps the collar round and open to ensure a safe release when needed. The safety release system is invisible and does not affect the aesthetic of the design.   

DURABLE HIGH QUALITY: We use high-quality natural Spanish leather with strong, durable stitching. The hardware and all other materials used have been carefully selected from specialist suppliers. We guarantee that your pet will be able to wear and show off its own special design with pride for many years to come.   

WIDE VARIETY IN OUR SHOP: Visit our Shop to find a wide variety of different styles and choose the perfect match for your dog or cat. Here we also offer all our other handmade leather products, such as matching leads and bracelets, elegant dog bag holders and beautiful olive wood id tags with your pet’s name and phone number.    

PERSONALISED DESIGN: You like our style but cannot find the perfect match for your dog or cat? We will design it specially for him or her! How does this work? Just contact us, tell us what you would like and present us your dog or cat. We will interactively communicate with you to define a unique design that you will love and create a perfect matching style for your beloved pet!   

Our Story

Hello! We are Rikst & Jeroen, originally from the Netherlands. In 2005, we decided to embrace a new adventure and moved to the picturesque town of Vinaròs in Spain. 
Shortly after settling in, we opened a bead shop where we offered jewellery workshops, crafted our own collection, and created personalized designs for private clients and a local fashion design company. Over the years, our family grew to include the sweetest dogs, cats, and other animals, each with their own unique character. This inspired us to start making unique accessories for them, and thus, Superpipapo was born! 
Why Superpipapo? 
The name Superpipapo stands for the belief that every dog or cat is unique and deserves to wear a personal style that matches their character. “Super” reflects the exceptional nature of our pets, and “pipaporepresents the wide variety of styles available for pet owners to choose from. 
We hope you enjoy browsing through our designs and find something special for your beloved pet. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please get in touch. We would be delighted to create a custom personalised design tailored just for your beloved pet! 
Many thanks and greetings from Spain, 
Rikst & Jeroen 
Founders of Superpipapo